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A higher education

Posted by Simon Parke, 02 March 2018, 9.14am

Plato told us about his teacher Socrates’ view of education.

Socrates was a great teacher – but he didn’t believe education was the handing over of knowledge.

The problem was not that people didn’t know enough – they knew plenty; they were ignorant simply because they were looking the wrong way.

To educate someone, he believed, was to turn their mind round, so that it looked in the right direction.

It wasn’t about information…but about how they looked at the world.

Most of our seeing is rather old, conditioned by our past.

That’s how it is.

We see what we’ve always seen, our minds too habitual to notice anything new.

And new information doesn’t change this, not in any way; which is why new information quickly becomes stale.

So here’s to fresh looking, fresh seeing today.

We shall attempt to observe the whole of life, rather than just fragments.

We shall prick our ballooning prejudice; we shall look rather than assume.

It’s a higher education.

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