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Advent with Meister Eckhart Day 7

Posted by Simon Parke, 07 December 2020, 5.19am

‘My Lord told me a joke. And seeing Him laugh has done more for me than any scripture I will ever read.’

In my list of ‘Unlikely things an eminent theologian might say’ – this scores pretty high.

It’s offensiveness towards certain forms of orthodoxy is also a thing to behold.

First God tells a joke. (Is this even allowed?) Then, God laughs at his own joke. (Socially awkward)

Yet for Eckhart, this divine guffaw beats any scripture he has or ever will read - which is quite a thing to say.

So maybe we best take comedy more seriously this Advent.

Laughter is often about the absurd and we’ve lived a lot of that recently.

We laugh at the ego-driven/deceitful/attention-seeking things people say and do; and maybe in some ways, our laughter heals it.

It draws a big line in the sand on behalf of truth and sanity.

When we stop laughing, the absurd wins.

No wonder God is such a joker -

... and why Eckhart found the comedy so healing.


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