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An incredibly human story

Posted by Simon Parke, 24 July 2017, 5.58am

Hold the front page!

‘The soldier, the gaoler, the spy and her lover’, my historical novel, has a new reviewer.

And this is what they said:

‘A few years ago I read a biography of Jane Whorwood by John Fox, a most interesting book about a most intriguing woman, whose life and whose involvement in the life of King Charles I was largely forgotten by history.

That biography brought Jane Whorwood to life, and her portrayal in this novel enhances that biography with an incredibly ‘human’ story.

Jane is the “spy” in the novel’s title; the “soldier” is Cromwell; the “gaoler” Robert Hammond, about whom I would love to find more to read, as he sounds a most intriguing character; and the final titular character is the King, about whom the lives of the others revolved to a large extent.

From early 1647 to early 1649 we follow the intertwined tales of these four.

This is a novel which has a very intimate feel, and where the narrative unfolds subtly and carefully through the actions, words and motivations largely of these four main characters.

Each is portrayed sympathetically and non-judgmentally, and it is easy to feel pity and empathy for each of them in their turn as the story plays out to its end.

This is an incredibly good novel; a fantastic historical novel, and a brilliant read, from an author who will, I sincerely hope, write many more books for us to enjoy.

Definitely recommended without reservation.’

Keen Reader, Amazon

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