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Choices, choices!

Posted by Simon Parke, 07 June 2017, 3.30pm

It’s election week and we have a choice before us.

There are many aspects of our lives we’ve had no choice about, of course.

We didn’t choose to be born male or female.

We didn’t choose our country of origin.

We didn’t choose our parents, our birth family or our start in life, emotional or financial.

That’s quite a lot of ‘givens’ to live with….also known as ‘baggage’.

But growth into adulthood is the gradual making of choices for ourselves.

Some things we cannot change, some things we can.

So in election week, it’s good to remember the choices we do have.

We can elect, for instance, to listen to our breathing in difficult situations, and thereby turn knee-jerk reactions into more considered responses.

That’s a good vote.

And we can elect to listen kindly to our feelings, rather than repress them, because un-heard feelings poison and cripple our lives.

Another good vote.

And sometimes, when we’re ready, we might even elect to dismantle old choices we have made, in favour of new ones. In other words, to vote differently.

Life is change, after all…that could be a life-changing vote.

And then of course we can choose to vote on Thursday, Election day…

...because in some matters, we have both a voice and a choice. 

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