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Daffodils in the snow

Posted by Simon Parke, 07 February 2018, 6.00pm

There are daffodils in the snow outside my window.

Two seasons, with a claim on my life, struggle for power.

‘I am the truth!’

‘No, listen to me!’

This is both winter and spring… and I live the white and the yellow, the chill and the warm.

One season would be easier, more binary.

I could say ‘This is winter!’

Or I could say ‘This is spring!’

But binary is always a lie, a ham-fisted truth and clunky and stupid as hell.

And the daffodils in the snow allow me no such refuge, inviting keener, more accurate eyes…a blend of seasons…both the emptiness of winter and the hope of spring.

And, in truth, they are one…there is no struggle at source.

I am winter and spring, emptiness and hope, snow and daffodil.

It is good to come home.

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