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Discerning the wise

Posted by Simon Parke, 22 November 2017, 12.13pm

The wise do not speak from their strength.

Nor do they speak from their cleverness.

The wise do not speak from their need to find a solution.

Nor from their need to be right… or noticed.

Instead, the wise speak from their wounds…wounds kindly noticed and gently held.

For wounds that are kissed are doorways; and our ramshackle certainties, blind alleys.

And the wise speak also from transparency of soul; from the self-acceptance found slowly in solitude.

In this steady luminous space, there is nothing to lose… and nothing to gain.

The wise may speak comfort.

Or they may speak anger.

They may speak of malice, of joy or denial.

They may mock or applaud.

But always they speak from the earthing of their wounds gently held and their cleanly seen-through selves.

When they leave such earthing, and it does occur…

... they simply join the noise.

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