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Do nothing entirely

Posted by Simon Parke, 21 August 2017, 6.09am

We will do nothing entirely.

To do something entirely - to be caught up in a project, trapped inside its claims on us - this is the path of insanity and stress, when we lose kindness, perspective and even the ability to do the job well.

We can be focused in our work, we can be purposeful…yet also open to the light and breeze of our other experiences in life.

Let the accountant with her spreadsheet remember also that she loves to ski, enjoys hip-hop and grows raspberries.

Here are skills and experiences she can use at her desk; they offer alternative energies, different shafts of light.

As she sits at her desk, she is not one thing, like a potato peeler or bottle-opener; she is not single-purpose.

None of us are.

We’ve learned so many skills along the way, and seen so much light, that we will do nothing entirely, as if this is all there is.

This is the path of self-important stress and narrow obsession; it is the role of the slave.

Instead, we’ll bring our entirety to whatever we do, whatever task we perform, whether we play the violin in an opera house, parent a child or work in a supermarket.

It’s all the same, really.

We will allow everything we do to be invaded and enlightened by something else.

So as I write this, various past experiences pass through me, like breeze through the trees, positive and negative, because these words are not some closed-off zone.

But part of a bigger flow.

We have within us a storehouse of such light, love and learning on which to draw.

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