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Posted by Simon Parke, 28 December 2017, 6.23am

Before the New Year, we arrive at emptiness.

This is not exhaustion.

Neither is it depression.

But emptiness…a soul-space free of life’s emotional and mental clutter.

A moment, a seed bed, of fertile void.

Here, both tragedy and delight are absent; an inscape quite free of regret, plan or concern.

I hold a plain, empty bowl for this meditation; but I could stand by a lake, look at the sky or contemplate an un-laid table.

There is no story here; emptiness is the removal of narrative from our existence.

So we find no judgement or assessment in this space.

And as you wait by the water, it arrives, or perhaps you do…emptiness…no thing.

It’s both relief and terror, freedom and fear… but good, so stay there; stay with no thing.

For from no thing arises some thing.

Some thing that is present, fresh, strong and clean; not stale.

Emptiness gives birth to galaxies; it gives birth to each new year, to unwritten things.

This startling parent; from no thing, some thing.

I wish you well.


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