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Essence and personality

Posted by Simon Parke, 06 November 2017, 5.43pm

Our essence, our substantial selves, is not an abstract or elusive idea, like some portrayals of heaven.

Rather, it is something we already know.

We have all experienced our essence and are acquainted with some of its attributes.

We may wish to know it better, but we are certainly acquainted.

And as we contemplate our essence, we will be struck by significant recognition.

For our essence is the reality at the centre of our being.

AH Almaas describes it as a reservoir of sweetness, warmth, kindness, empathy, clarity, discernment, intelligence, synthesis, will, steadfastness, contact, gentleness, subtlety, openness, curiosity, happiness, enjoyment, balance, courage, justice, detachment, precision, spaciousness, expansion, depth, capacity, initiative, contentment, generosity and identity.

These are normal yet startling qualities, and the primary energies within us.

But like graffiti scrawled across a masterpiece, secondary energies, created by our personalities, often overwhelm us.

Energies like despair, pride, judgement, negativity, resentment, anger, fear, vanity, jealousy, depression and anxiety have their own bleak force within us.

We learned these things well when young, and unlearning childhood lessons is difficult.

But these energies remain secondary to who we are.

Primary to who we are is our essence.


(This is an extract from my book, ‘The Journey Home’ published by Bloomsbury.)

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