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Health's crooked path

Posted by Simon Parke, 24 April 2017, 5.27am

Sometimes people look back on the path which has led them to this point… and become overwhelmed by their past life.

They see so much ignorance, so much stupidity, so many false starts and errors.

Things they’d do differently.

They can feel again the disgust, the disappointments and ask themselves, in an unguarded moment,

‘And it’s all been for what?!’

There can be a sense that life’s journey has somehow been a detour, taking them away from what is good and hopeful toward something else, a wasteland of wasted time, a cul-de-sac of foolishness or despair.

Yet maybe it has to be this way.

Maybe it has to be this way so we can become children again, start over again.

Maybe we had to unlearn our learning…a tapestry of narratives we’ve clung to which now appear threadbare.

Maybe we’ve had to do things badly to reach a place where we know, at last, what is well.

Maybe health, glory even, isn’t straight line.

Maybe this path can be accepted, embraced, surrendered to, allowed.

Whatever else has died, it isn’t the small bird of hope, singing in your chest.

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