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If this is goodbye

Posted by Simon Parke, 05 May 2020, 7.03am

If this is goodbye

Then you have been my sacrament

Like dandelion and rose

Like laughter and roof top views, through chimney silhouettes

The sun waking, rain smashing

The moon and sobbing tears

Cracked tiles, old doors, dreams dangling in the wind

I cannot believe the sacraments in pavement cracks

That busy and bless my way

Stumbling into view, one glory falls over another, hopping like robins, too many at a time

Order, order, please!

Signifying, shouting, murmuring

A sort of love that has met me a long the way, the greeting of now and kept me sane

No, kept me living

So here we are

This moment, no future, this moment alive and the rumour of trust

And if this is goodbye

Then you have been my sacrament

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