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Imagine a door

Posted by Simon Parke, 01 January 2018, 7.05am

Imagine a door.

And when you have done this, imagine yourself opening the door.

It may be that you have to unlock it first, but perhaps it just swings open.

And so you walk through.

What do you find on the other side?

Whatever it is, you will be OK.

Every New Year is a door.

It’s a door from one space to another space.

In a way, it’s no distance at all, a few short steps; you hardly notice the difference.

And you bring yourself and your baggage with you, so don’t expect huge change.

We’ll stay real.

And simply push open the door, walk through, breathe in the new air – deep breath! - and start walking.

And know that every thought, every feeling, every incident and encounter, every outcome - it’s going to be OK.

This is the gravitational pull of wisdom for you this year…returning to that knowledge.

It’s not that you won’t have difficulties.

You’ll have plenty, and be tempted to give in, give up, cry ‘What’s the point?’

But help will arrive, some way and somehow.

Through and beyond fracture and dismantlement, you will not be overcome; and all shall be well.

And notice the primrose in the wood.

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