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Information breakdown

Posted by Simon Parke, 03 January 2018, 10.21am

I am not well today.

I find myself mistaking information for knowledge; I am clearly not well in the mind.

I have spotted the symptoms of this dismal pox.

My pinball mind devouring information as though I am made wiser by this transaction, cleverer about the world.

Yet one hundred pieces of information – no, one thousand – do not add up to one piece of knowing.

They add up to a disengaged and feckless nothing.

In trying to know more, I know an endless less, becalmed in frustrating shallows, and some way from meaning.


So today, wishing to be well, I make conscious retreat from the plastic info fountains; I cease my greedy, grabby and distracted drinking.

And through the doorway of slow, (so reluctantly approached) I access a different receptivity, a higher meaning, a deeper wordless beyond.

Through the doorway of slow, (it opens more easily with practice) my pinball mind calms to attention, and I seek to know just one thing well.

One person well
Or one picture well
One story well
One object well
One feeling well

And here, like a wide and sunlit valley, is a more expansive knowing, a deeper holding, a timeless now.

Here I cry more, but I see more; and the restless dissolves sometimes into joy.

‘We are knee-deep in a river, searching for water,’ writes Kabir Helminski.

It is my relationship to information that makes me unwell.

It takes me from myself; abducts me from participative knowing and leaves me in shit land.

When I notice this, (noticing is the best medicine) I try the doorway of slow and the deep seeing beyond.

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