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It's the small gestures

Posted by Simon Parke, 04 May 2017, 5.48am

My poem of the week was written collaboratively (and recently) by some people attending a mental health unit in North London.

The group was thinking about what made life worth living.

And in the holding hands of Vicky, they decided it’s the small things, the small gestures, the tiny kindness.

I print it here by kind permission.

It’s the small gestures
That day trip to Exeter
That box of chocolate fudge
And the Malteasers from my sister Marie.
It’s the small things that matter
Listening to Dancing in the Dark again and again!
Sadie from Stanmore bringing cheesecake to my bedside
Cakes and biscuits by the river with my friends
It’s the kindness that matters
My friend, taking responsibility for me and letting me sleep….
The nurse who put an extra hole in my belt
That unexpected card from Angela
These are the things that connect us with life
Connect us back to our feelings
And help in recovery, make us feel wanted.
It’s the small gestures that help us find our place in this big world.

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