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Jennifer Lawrence: Love or Loathe?

Posted by Simon Parke, 26 February 2018, 9.50am

Jennifer Lawrence, the American actress, used to be really popular on social media.

Now apparently she’s really unpopular.

She’s still the same person she always was, but the pendulum has swung and some people who absolutely loved her now absolutely loathe her.

(And you perhaps know how she feels.)

We sleep-walk into a more binary world.

Mentally escorted by the blind guides of social media and internet, everyone has a slant, positive or negative. 

Stirred by unaccountable opinion on Twitter or Facebook, we either love or loathe our celebrities or politicians.

They’re great! But they’re awful!’

And perhaps this ‘love or loathe’ illness spills into our work and private lives as well, with a list of goodies and baddies.

You’re in! You’re out!’

Though there is a third way…’Love, Loathe – or See.’

Both loving and loathing are blinkered affairs, acts of denial, criminally selective with the truth.

So instead of loving me or loathing me, I’d prefer you simply to see me…both my gifts and my fracture.

Just see me as I am, rather like you - both decent and damaged.

I’m done with your passionate opinions, either for or against me; beyond love or loathe, I’d just like some accuracy.

As Jennifer Lawrence might say…

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