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Leaving the wilderness

Posted by Simon Parke, 22 February 2019, 5.59am

We don’t always know when we arrive in the wilderness.

The desert is a place of simplicity, energy and clarity.

The wilderness, one of isolation, stumbling and stress.

But for me, there were no signs to announce I was leaving the one and entering the other; no well-marked borders to make things clear.

So I didn’t know that I entered the wilderness; and the scenery was not so different at first.

In fact, I walked for many days, perhaps years, before I realised and through my tears, beheld the un-crossable chasm, the futility of this journey.

Bored of my own unhappiness, I began my return, this is possible, this is allowed; but I left the wilderness by a different path.

There was no going back to the place where I entered.

The wilderness is left by another way, one kinder to the traveller.

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