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Look, weep, live!

Posted by Simon Parke, 13 March 2018, 5.54am

I don’t believe in guilt.

I don’t believe guilt changes people… but hardens them.

It sits like cold sick in our being, uncomfortable, unpalatable, unmoving.

I believe sorrow is more creative than guilt.

People who feel guilty tend to hunker down in private shame, seeking to off-load their negative self-evaluation onto others.

Guilt creates an outer shell to present to the world, behind which the perceived shame is hidden.

And in the half-light and gloom, eats away at body, mind and spirit.

Guilt hardens me but sorrow melts me.

Feeling guilty for my behaviour, I hide from myself, like Adam in the garden; I will probably become self-righteous.

Feeling sorrow, I am melted by my tears, a hot waterfall of hope washing away self-justification; and softened inner soil for the spring time of apology and change.

Beyond the terrified and furtive demands of guilt is sweet sorrow.


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