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Looking after your perfection

Posted by Simon Parke, 05 June 2017, 10.36am

‘What do I do now?’

It’s a common question at the end of retreat as the return to more normal existence is anticipated.

Inner space has been created, fresh insights received…but what now?

Clear space, free space, is great. But in the garden of life, no space stays clear for long before ivy creeps and weeds grow.

The simple call, as always – whether on retreat or on the night shift - is to look after your perfection.

Can you do that?

Your perfection is present and eternal but can be overrun by emotional patterns and lost to sense and sight.

So health isn’t adding anything – whether it’s new ideas or new practices.

We do like to add things, it gives us a sense of progress…but such growth is a chimera for you can’t add to perfection.

Nor is it about striving.

We do like to strive, to try harder…and to punish ourselves along the way for not being better.

But you can’t strive towards something you already are; striving actually takes us away from our perfection.

Looking after your perfection is simple.

It is awareness, it is noticing…noticing the lying narratives that have so programmed us since childhood and run now like deranged monkeys through the scaffolding of our mind.

These narratives obscure our shining perfection and therefore our happiness.

For instance, my ego popped up over the weekend naming a number of frustrations, with some force.

It was naming all the things that were wrong, that should be otherwise about me and the world.

It was good to notice these felt frustrations, to listen to them, they are better brought to the surface.

We can’t say goodbye to something until we’ve said hello to it.

And after a while, with the frustrations heard, I could say goodbye to my angry list and step back into the free space of trust.

What should I do now, whether in church, in crisis or in an office?

Look after your perfection.


Stay in kind awareness…notice the narratives arising…let go.

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