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Posted by Simon Parke, 27 June 2017, 9.56am

Most believe love is a good idea, something to be applauded and supported… but struggle with the practicalities.

I’m certainly one of those, with love largely dependent on the fluctuations of my ego or a glass of whisky.

And though good to note, this is not good news.

People need love when they need love; not when I feel like giving it to them.

And all people need love; not just those who tickle my fancy, move me a little or extend my ego empire in the world.

But which hillside contains the source for such a magic stream?

An attitude of love towards myself, this, I suspect, is the source… spilling then outwards to others around me.

And here is why I say this.

Self-acceptance - and the security this bestows - is the end of ego… and so also the end of love’s enervating alliance with control, possessiveness or guilt.

(Those who love themselves do not need to control or manipulate others.)

Here instead is something else, a widening and energetic ripple of love expanding outwards from my being in a non-selective circle.

Here is true generosity…and at last, something worth love’s name.

If love is eased from the death-grip of possessiveness, guilt and control (let us dream for a moment) something infinitely fragile is left, elusive as smoke in the wind and quite beyond grasping…

... but also quite beautiful, touching the world in gentle and unknowing delight.

Such love is not much seen or known; we are a brutalised race and wearied by the fight.

But amid rumours of its existence, this careless and care-free spillage…

... I bow to this dream at the start of every day.



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