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Mind Body Spirit

Posted by Simon Parke, 05 January 2018, 5.23pm

The self-help industry is very busy in the New Year.

‘New Year, New You,’ tends to be the slogan, whether it’s your waist line or your psyche.

And you can find these books in the ‘mind, body, spirit’ section in bookshops.

The good news, however, is that you don’t have to buy the books.

But do remember the words: Mind, Body and Spirit… for these three energies are going to be very important for you.

Indeed, they might save you.

Your body is the do-er, the force – your energy for engaging with the world.

Your mind is the assessor, reflecting, thinking things through.

While your spirit is the adventurer, the reconciler - in search of beauty and the beyond.

Mind, body, spirit – each differently wonderful; but like the three musketeers, each needing their friends.

If we’re just body, without the other two, we become heavy, lethargic, depressed.

If we’re just mind, without the other two, we become negative, critical, restless.

If we’re just spirit, without the other two, we become flighty, flakey, disengaged.

Mind, body and spirit – they are three candles we light each morning, three energies we greet!

‘Hello, my friend mind! Hello, my friend body! Hello, my friend spirit! Let us walk together!’

And let the day unfold.

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