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My glorious failure

Posted by Simon Parke, 19 February 2018, 4.41pm

I’m talking with a group.

I sense some short-cuttery in the air, some impatience.

We’re ten minutes in, and I sense they’re losing energy for me.

What do they want? They want to bounce ideas around.

They want something or someone to deliver the answer to their door, neatly wrapped.

They want a work sheet, some bullet points.

‘Here it is, guys - this is the answer!’

And to that extent, I’m failing.


I don’t want to bounce ideas around…and God spare us from bullet-pointed truth.

And why?

Because no one can taste a mango for you.

The idea of someone describing its taste to you is - well - ridiculous… no, really…and not at all refreshing.

We need to taste it ourselves.

In the same way, no one can help you with anything that really matters…other than getting out of the way.

Only your own power of discerning the truth can help you… if you can stay with it, in the dark before the dawn.

This is a power we may squander, in search of something easier, something quicker, more mass-packaged.

In a bid for short-cuttery, we ask others if we can borrow their truth; this is what we do.

‘Can I borrow your truth please?’ we ask.

(We wouldn’t do this with their clothes.)

But there is no borrowed truth that can help us here; no quick download.

There is only your inner experience in relation to this present unfolding.

So the invitation is to patience and courage.

Honour the capacity for seeing that resides in you…

...until the golden light of meaning spills across your floor.

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