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My helpful curtains

Posted by Simon Parke, 06 February 2017, 5.48am

Recently, the news has been rather exhausting.

It comes at us in madness, noise and despair, and we can be brutalised by the news – local, national and international.

Politicians’ egos and the poison clouds of tribalism can be quite shouty, quite choking and leave us battered, perplexed, anxious, angry, cynical.

It’s real enough, the madness is real… though not the only reality.

I sometimes forget this.

And I have to say I find my curtains helpful in such circumstances.

Each morning, I open my poppy-print curtains on a new day.

And it is a new day, the old has passed, fresh light spilling in. And here I am, alive to welcome it.

I may not be here tomorrow, but today I am.

And whatever my feelings about the day, and feelings come and go, it is like the first morning, anything possible and full of kind hope.

Such energy for life.

‘Let there be light,’ I mutter.

And then each evening, as light fades and darkness falls, I close my curtains on all that has been.

They have been open, open to the day, but now they are drawn.

The day is done, has run its course and like one exhausted by the sprint, is best left to itself. It has no claim on me now.

The voices clamouring for attention on the news, the voices inside me, the worries and the fears… the curtain comes down, it’s the end of the show.

They are smoke in the night wind, a drifting cloud of lunacy.

I shall take my rest, my body and I, in safety and in trust, this is the truth.

As day after day, almost like a prayer, the curtains are opened and the curtains are closed.

Do try this at home.

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