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My new pencil case

Posted by Simon Parke, 02 September 2019, 5.43am

At the beginning of September I always think of a new pencil case.

My Mind Clinic work does take me into schools sometimes.

But even if it didn’t, I suspect strong past memories of that big September return to school would survive: new class, new teachers, freshly painted toilets…and obviously, that new pencil case.

It would hold various treasures: my multi-coloured collection of biros; my fancy new transparent six-inch ruler; my very sharp pencil and my chunky new rubber.

My pencil case marked the start of fresh adventures, new things.

Of course, life has its way and the multi-coloured biros would soon be leaking; the clear ruler would get scratched and stained; the pencil, broken and the rubber – probably borrowed by someone on the first day and never returned.

But somehow, the pencil case still means something.

It’s about helping me into change, giving me confidence to begin; it’s about the moment when we take a deep breath, feel our strength and set off on a new journey: ‘I can do this.’

We’ll lose some stuff along the way. But maybe the adventure is worth it.

I wish you good adventures this autumn… with or without a pencil case.

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