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Posted by Simon Parke, 01 August 2017, 4.57pm

Sometimes we try and understand things on an information level.

‘Why did they treat me like that?’ we ask ourselves and then spend hours imagining possible reasons.

‘Was it this reason or that reason? Or perhaps another reason?!’

We hand over the worry to our head; in pursuit of information, we start to over-think.

There’s a reason we do this…to calm our anxiety, we’re attempting to control the situation.

If we know ‘why’, it gives the impression of control.

‘I’m in control again!’

But our head is not a good place for our worry. Instead of easing it, the worry is multiplied, as our brain imagines endless (and untrue) scenarios.

Our thoughts are neither a peaceful nor - crucially - an accurate place.

Sometimes, instead of trying to understand, it is best just to live the mystery.

We can’t always know why, and actually, we don’t need to.

We can let go of anxious dreams of control and simply live the mystery, live the unknowing, with a spirit of kindness towards ourselves and a peaceable attitude towards the world.

The thing is, it’s going to be OK.

And what else do we need to know?


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