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Passionate about coffee!

Posted by Simon Parke, 25 October 2017, 5.30pm

We all have to be passionate these days.

Have you noticed?

Vendors in particular must speak of their passion.

‘Passionate about food!’ I saw at a Tescos Express.

Or, ‘Passionate about coffee!’

I’ve seen that as well.

There’s probably a crucifixion poster out there saying ‘Jesus – passionate about saving you!’

Passion is in vogue.

Though, muddying the water a little, we also have crimes of passion.

Crimes of passion are when the person is so self-absorbed in their universe, they absolutely lose it.

‘Couldn’t do anything else, mate!’

Here we note passion as compulsive behaviour, baptised as some version of virtue.

‘You’ve got to admire his passion!’


I don’t know about you, but I can’t applaud passion; my hands just won’t do it.

A brief glance at history confirms that passion is generally a curse and has done enough damage in the world to last for two eternities.

I’ve certainly been damaged by it.

Featuring mixed motives and hysterical insecurity, it’s a pretend virtue; and often quite full of shit.

If you want to sell food - and it’s a great calling - just say ‘We serve food.’

Or, ‘We serve coffee.’

Or if you’re the church, ‘We serve you.’

And that’s enough, actually. You don’t need to tell us how passionate you are.

Because if it isn’t a lie, it’s probably an illness.

Service is good. Service is wonderful, actually…it can really make my day, like the man who helped me at Brighton station this morning.

Service is not glamorous…but it’s helpful, life-enhancing…good.

Whereas passion is all over the place.

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