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People of the flow

Posted by Simon Parke, 04 October 2017, 5.26am

We could be people of the flow today.

When blood stops flowing, it clots or coagulates.

And so does our spirit if we cease to be giving people and expect only to receive.

Or expect only to give and cannot receive.

Giving and receiving are the same, like two sides of a face…two aspects of the same energy, the flow of life.

If we resent giving, and become hoarders - whether of time, money or ourselves - we block the river of life through our soul garden and the soil becomes dry.

If we baulk at receiving, the same, our soil becomes hard.

This explains the word affluence.

Its root is the Latin word affluere meaning ‘to flow to’.

The affluent are not those who pile and store and cling.

The affluent are those through whom things pass…received, given, given, received…the flow of life.

Sometimes the flow in us dies, this is so.

Sometimes harsh circumstance leaves our soul garden waterless and withered; a space abandoned.

But whether we feel rich or poor today, we remain people of the flow, we remain affluent, this is who we are.

We are those caught up in the essential exchange, life given, life received; people through whom things pass.

No clots here.

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