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Sacred space on tour

Posted by Simon Parke, 24 May 2017, 9.27pm

It’s day four of the Enneagram retreat.

And we started the day with a peaceful meditation.

It was about sitting on a sandy beach, made pristine by the withdrawing tide.

All of yesterday’s sandcastles and footmarks gone.


It was meant to be about freshness, newness, peace in this present moment.

But for one of the participants, Lisa, it was the exact opposite.

She enjoyed the beach initially, but when the tide started to come in, it reminded her of an old and frequent nightmare, in which a huge tidal wave approached.

She would always wake up just before it smashed down and engulfed her.

So this peaceful meditation didn’t do it for Lisa; indeed, nothing could have been more frightening.

Old terrors intervened.

Sometimes the officially peaceful places are the exact opposite for us.

They can stir up a whole range of emotions.

While peace, joy or delight often find us quite unannounced and in rather unofficial places.

This is allowed.

Sacred space has no fixed point, it’s always on tour.

Yesterday, I lead what I hoped would be a calming meditation.

For Lisa, it was a tidal wave of terror.

I’m glad she told me.

When it comes to finding peace and joy, it’s best to be honest with ourselves.

And delight will find her, in its own time and its own way.

As I say, sacred space has no fixed point, it’s always on tour.

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