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Sacred suprise in Rubbish Street

Posted by Simon Parke, 27 August 2017, 10.49am

Have you ever seen your spirit

And seen that it is good?

Perhaps hammered or twisted by life

This circle of reaction we live and breathe

He said, she said

Caught in the knife-storm of others

The sharp assault of damage

Warring atoms of existence, un-reconciled

Your body oppressed, taking it in, holding it in, holding up, holding out in Rubbish Street

When you’d hoped for Loving Lane -

And then seen the flame

Have you done this?

Such sacred surprise

Your spirit pure, just what and who you are

Just who you are!

A simple glory, dancing strength in Rubbish Street

Where the flame appears, and says hello,

Where you appear

Quite undisturbed by the shouting.

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