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Solutions man!

Posted by Simon Parke, 04 August 2017, 6.00am

I watch the listless dog, prowling.

He cleverly hides his bones here and there… and then forgets where they are.

He never finds them again and sort-of remembers something lost.

It’s a life made unhappy by stingy calculation, the careful storing for the future; managed fear replacing present joy and energy.

It’s like a ship in the harbour, insisting on staying there for fear of the waves.

It has heard they can be rough, best be careful, it’s only freshly painted, after all?

When the boat (and the paint) is meant for the waves.

And the problem again is calculation.

Calculations made about survival.

It’s like pinning a butterfly in a book to ensure I never lose sight of its fluttering, shimmering beauty.

Pinning the life out of the moment, trying to nail down the joy.


And I don’t cry at my life, I don’t weep, because I might dehydrate, I’ve read it somewhere online…I just plan; calculation will avoid the need for tears.

What’s the point of tears?

I am solutions-based, a smart cookie, others should try it,  managing the fear, googling it.

It makes sense if you think about it, staying in control.

Why wouldn’t you?

I want a solution, I’m hard-wired for that…Solutions Man!

... when there is no solution apart from my dissolution into the adventure, into my present breath and present company.

So enjoy the bone.

Risk the smashing wave.

Let the butterfly go.

Weep when you need to.

And solve everything by dissolving your boundaried, present-burying plan.

And inspired by you, and as I am able, I would like to join you there.

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