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Posted by Simon Parke, 02 June 2018, 10.48am


It’s not always a positive word; but it is a way from ill-being into wellbeing.

You’re standing in the supermarket queue.

Part of you is constrained by circumstance, judging the till worker, assessing the speed of other queues, tense with many thoughts, eager to be away, angry with delay.

And then another part of you surrenders to the moment, and allows it to be as it is, and something surprisingly spacious and present is experienced.

Kabir Helminski defines surrender as being ‘actively receptive to an intelligence that is greater than that of ourselves.’

Surrender takes us, just for a moment, out of our sealed-in neuroses, revealing a different world… though we haven’t moved at all.

Receptive to something other and greater than ourselves, we surrender our small and driven looking for a larger gaze.


It’s not always a positive word; but it is a path in the wood from ill-being into wellbeing.

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