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Taking leave of Christmas

Posted by Simon Parke, 05 January 2018, 8.31am

And so to the clearing away of Christmas.

With Christmas unwrapped, it’s time to take it down.

The cards…the decorations…the tree…the sadness?

Or maybe relief.

These friends for a season, this merry festive clutter, the naff and the glorious, now returned to boxes and stashed away in loft or garage.

Or put in large black bags for the bin men… whenever they return.

(No one’s quite sure. My neighbours disagree.)

The front room de-cluttered, the fairy lights unravelled and taken down, the nativity characters packed away, (we’ve lost a cow - it could be worse).

And the fridge emptying slowly - the last of the bread sauce, hiding at the back behind the cranberry jar…dismissed.

It’s difficult letting go… though freeing as well.

I’m struck by the emptiness around me, the nothingness.

Mary pondered these things; these passing things, the comings and the goings…and I do too, in a still moment.

It’s harsh and it’s sparse…though spacious.

A home lovingly and gratefully de-cluttered…room for the new.

Receptive again, you might say.

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