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The authentic angel

Posted by Simon Parke, 22 August 2017, 10.40am

We had been talking for a while, when Leslie told me of a new acquaintance in her life.

‘I have an angel,’ she said.

‘Oh yes?’

‘She’s called Grace.’


‘But she doesn’t stand for any crap; she really doesn’t.’

‘Well, that makes sense.’

‘People think angels are all floaty and sweet, and a bit new agey… but Grace isn’t.’

‘In my experience, the arrival of an angel usually brings terror rather than comfort… at least, at first. I mean, there’s the sense that they are on your side…but they’re
not brown-nosers, telling you what you want to hear.’

‘That’s what Grace is like.’

So again, I’m pondering angels.

Leslie’s angel Grace at least sounds authentic.

If some being were to appear from another dimension – a being unacquainted with my soft thinking, tiny world and small dreams; a being nurtured on undimmed
light, raw and searing - I would expect only terrifying salvation and disturbing resolution.

A bit like when Jonah is swallowed by a whale and delivered to where he needs to be.

Terrifying…but good.

A brown nose angel, obsequious to my whims, sounds suspiciously like an extension of my ego.

The authentic angel is entirely on my side; but won’t take any side from me.

Now that’s what I call salvation.

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