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The fork in the road

Posted by Simon Parke, 08 February 2017, 6.06am

Life can be difficult.

The paths offered to us are not easily chosen.

We come to a fork in the road, offering two divergent tracks, two alternative journeys.

And perhaps both are sad in their different ways.

To walk either – and we must choose one – there will be a cost, a letting go.

And in time, a wondering if the other path might not have been better…a looking back and wondering.

These things can wake us at night and trouble our days.

We can start to mutter ‘If only’, exhibit self-disgust and other foolery.

So be kind to yourself along the path.

And walk it…one step in front of the other, walk on.

The more often truth is that the path chooses us… and then carries us.

And though at times we cry, (we’ll need to cry) our tears water the wayside petals and sometimes the sun spills light on our path.

And though not every day, teary eyes dry and vistas appear, they really do, the like of which we never imagined.

Though every path is sad, each a letting go, the sadness gives way, the journey is blessed.


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