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The gift of the snail

Posted by Simon Parke, 15 February 2017, 5.54am

In Anthony de Mello’s book, ‘Song of the Bird,’ he tells this parable.

The animals met in the assembly and began
to complain that humans were always
taking things away from them.

‘They take my milk,’ said the cow.
‘They take my eggs,’ said the hen.
‘They take my flesh for bacon,’ said the hog.
‘They hunt me for my oil,’ said the whale.

Finally, the snail spoke.

‘I have something they would certainly
take away from me if they could. Something
they want more than anything else.’

‘What is that?’ asked the other animals.

‘I have time,’ said the snail.

Whatever the world is taking from you, give yourself time.

If this is stolen, little is left.

What’s stopping you?

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