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The lion and the flea

Posted by Simon Parke, 29 September 2017, 5.11am

I’ve been thinking about the good and bad in me.

I sense the bad in me is a lost cause and barely clinging to existence.

He hangs around my good like a parasite; like a flea on a lion.

But sometimes all I see is the flea.

Bad likes me losing sight of the good; he likes me to imagine myself bad, it cheers him.

But my good is all that truly exists…and bad struggles to cope with that.

I can understand.

Bad was not born in happiness, bless him, and now proves a wasteful and foolish companion.

But more than that, he’s sad…so sad.

So I will be kind to my bad, it’s not his fault he mis-reads situations.

And he’s bound to be upset, bound to be anxious, to try and control, to sneer, because daily, he’s losing his power, and no one enjoys that.

I will be kind to my dear bad…kind but firm.

Because today I’m good, a magnificent lion.

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