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The one thing necessary

Posted by Simon Parke, 04 December 2017, 7.03am

The one thing demanded of us today, the one thing necessary, is that we know the state we are in.

And that’s it really.

That we know the truth of ourselves in this moment, as we make our assessments, offer our comments, speak our replies.

Otherwise, we’re quite dangerous, inflicting our unexamined turmoil on the world.

It is not demanded that we are always in a state of virtue or self-mastery.

This isn’t a call to feel bad…but it is a call to be accurate about the state we’re in, whether we’re jealous, happy, angry, joyful, anxious, irritated, hopeful, sad,
disturbed, numb, content or in despair.

This is all that is realistically possible for us, in this moment, as humans: to know our state; to be accurate about how we’re feeling.

It may not be everything we could be; or what is ultimately meant for us.

(Different thoughts and feelings are always arising in us, it’s what they do.)

But it does mean that if we speak, we speak without illusion, without mixed motive, without being disingenuous.

And that’s a great blessing both to ourselves and others.

For me, such awareness may well guide me away from speech, prompting silence until a healthier horizon appears in me.

I construct my reality out of my state; worryingly, I see what I am.

So it’s important that I know what I am, in this moment; because it’s the building material for my brief take on reality.

Which is why the one thing necessary for us today is that - without self-judgement - we know the state we’re in….as we make our assessments, offer our comments, speak our replies.

With such awareness, we will proceed more honestly, more accurately, more kindly in the world.

Oh, and how we shall shine!

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