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The turning point

Posted by Simon Parke, 18 January 2018, 6.03pm

So we come finally to the place.

We come to the place – and it’s taken awhile - where we forgive the past for not being perfect; where we forgive the past for not being better.

We take off our victim clothes, and feel the fresh breeze.

We cease our well-rehearsed complaints and enjoy the space and silence.

These things, they had their time and purpose… but now both time and purpose are done.

We leave them by the side of the road, a ghostly pile, and walk on from that place, a new spring in our steps…we’re more solid.

One step at a time, (and sometimes two steps back) but we feel lighter.

Taking responsibility for our lives, from this day forth, we feel the energy.

We came to this place in despair… and now leave it in hope.

We’ll not look back…for there’s nothing to go back to.

And ahead, an unfolding and quite un-imagined way…

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