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There are other seas

Posted by Simon Parke, 12 October 2017, 6.06am

Sometimes, the decisions and lives of others impact on us in a way they don’t realise.

It feels like we are caught in the wake of their decisions, a small boat rocking in the water.

They make a choice and, maybe unknowingly, their decision affects us.

Perhaps we have to move home because of our partner’s ‘exciting new job’.

Perhaps a long-standing friend moves away.

Perhaps our children go off to uni, leaving a hole in the home.

Perhaps our partner chooses to retire earlier than we’d like and the dynamic at home changes.

Perhaps a patron who has supported us withdraws that support.

Perhaps a colleague at work goes for and gets a post we wanted.

People are taking decisions all around us and our small boat rocks in the wake.

I suppose we might panic, seek a big boat for ourselves.

‘Well, they’re not the only ones who can take decisions!’

Or, in despair we say: ‘This boat was always rubbish.’

Though it may be our small boat is fine, and the choppy water carries us to new seas we’d never have found if the steering had been left to us.

In the wake of other people’s decisions, and other people’s lives, we’ll trust our little boat on the water.

And may loosen our grip on the tiller, allow quiet drift.

It’s a beautiful boat.

And this is not the only sea.


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