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This fragile day

Posted by Simon Parke, 16 March 2018, 5.28am

When a fragile day appears

Don’t rush past it or drown it out

Some days are strong, confidently-filled

Some days are busy, carrying us unconscious

Some days are happy, effortlessly joyful

But some days are fragile, like thin water-colour, neither one thing nor the other

As if for a moment, we see behind the scenery

As if we don’t quite exist, not as fully as sometimes, not as fully as others around us

We feel a little alone, and out on the edge

And when the fragile day arrives, as sometimes it does

We don’t rush past or drown it out with mental panic or loud intentions

But breathe and listen for its different tune, caught on the quiet breeze

Eternity delivering to our door a vulnerable space, a dissolving space

Given to the beloved

This fragile day, this more agile day.

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