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This magnificent voice

Posted by Simon Parke, 25 October 2021, 9.09am

There is a voice in each of us

Like a diamond in our cellar, hidden for years, discovered with delight

A voice that arises from a place of seeing and knowing

A voice Ted Hughes called our primary self

Which can be mislaid for a moment, for days, for years, a life time

Drowned out or trampled down by the chaos, the fear, the rage, the anxiety, the shame or depression

We use other voices, substitutes, whose origins are less grand

We make do with words that are not our own but get us by

Though our true voice remains, like a burbling bubbling spring, all fresh, daring, curious, fearless and clean

Ready as the wind, always ready

And when wakened, it arises from pure will; from trust rather than fear

When it speaks, creation sings

It may cut or it may heal, it may do both

But our voice appears in the world, like a full moon rising, like a child at birth

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