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This sacred space

Posted by Simon Parke, 08 April 2017, 5.35am

There’s an important moment in the day and let it be early.

It’s the sacred moment when I remember myself, gather myself…gather my distracted parts.

I feel my present breathing and the clean and clear space that is my being.

Why does this practice matter?

It helps me resist the subtle approach of the mechanical life, which daily threatens to ensnare me.

This is the life of automatic reaction to events and people which deprives me of compassion and spontaneity.

The sacred moment creates a sacred space.

It’s sacred because it’s free from the madness of expectation and attachment and is therefore a space in which I am truly myself.

As the day proceeds, this space may be lost as I drift into the netherworld of automatic reaction, when old patterns and internal narratives, like ivy, claim me again.

But sooner or later, with a whisper or a wallop, the space will wake me up.

And I exist again!


As I practice returning to this space, I become less mechanical and more human…

...delightful both for the world and for me.

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