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This supposed but wretched friend

Posted by Simon Parke, 02 May 2017, 5.55pm

The ego does not easily die.

We have misgivings about it as it fucks with our life, draining pleasure from perfection.

But like an oil stain, it is not easily removed.

It reinvents itself endlessly, gives itself a new name, a more virtuous name, offering endless alternatives, more attractive alternatives, to its actual demise.

‘Surely you don’t want me gone!?’

The ego, it thinks outside the box… but keeps you in it, restless with your life, with your situation, with your - well, yes - with your perfection.

(It’s massively clever like this.)

But here’s a clue to its presence.

The ego offers you happiness, but only on certain conditions.

Happiness is tied to conditions…and one condition can become another.

And of course these conditions are non-negotiable, absolutely.

The conditions need to be met.

So the ego offers happiness on certain conditions (some success or outcome or other) when truly, happiness is condition-free.

Yep, true happiness is condition-free… a truth which does tend to expose this scuttling schemer.

The demise of the ego is never straight forward, and rumours of its death are often both exaggerated and premature.

But should you arrive there, and it can be a journey, do not grieve at the death-bed of this supposed and wretched friend.

It never wished you well.


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