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This wild dog called pain

Posted by Simon Parke, 15 November 2017, 7.36pm

We walk with our pain like one with a wild dog on a lead.

We seem to have acquired this creature, this attachment, somewhere along the way –  we didn’t choose it.

And we’re not in control of this animal, that’s for sure.

Sometimes it meanders alongside us almost unnoticed, and appears quite tame.

But it can suddenly attack, really it can, whether it’s our ankles or the ankles of another, snarling in rage, large and impossible.

It’s awful.

We ponder letting it go, not sure if we can.

Is this wild dog for life? We don’t know.

So there we are.

We walk with a wild dog called pain on a lead.

There’s more to our life than this dog, of course.

There are rainbow-coloured leaves, my new slippers, a drink with friends and silence too full of joy.

But we talk with it now and then, as we continue on our way.

It seems to help.

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