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Too young to decide

Posted by Simon Parke, 07 July 2017, 5.56am

He’s wandering lonely round the garden.

His parents can’t really help him.

And he’s vulnerable.

He can walk; but he cannot fly.

He was big enough to jump from the safety of the nest on the roof.

Big enough to flutter down and land on the grass.

But not developed enough to forage for himself; and not strong enough to return, to fly back to safety.

And now he’s stranded.

Like many seagulls, he has taken a decision when too young to take it.

The price maybe high.

And here’s to any who have done the same.

Here’s to any who imagined themselves strong, imagined themselves ready, jumped too young, decided on paths, partners, careers, friends, whatever.

And then realised.

I write with sadness; it’s hard when you’ve jumped too soon off the roof.

The garden can be unkind.

Though there’s joy in my tears; I’ve seen many survive and fly.

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