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Towards transparency

Posted by Simon Parke, 14 August 2017, 8.21am

We journey towards transparency…

...transparency towards ourselves and the world.

So that when people meet us, they meet us... rather than some representative we send with specific instructions about what is, and is not, up for discussion…

...a secondary self we have wheeled out to ensure our survival, our comfort zone, to see people off… or keep at a distance at least.

(It’s a difficult and dull meeting for all concerned.)

How does transparency arrive?

Transparency arrives through the kind dismantlement of grace.

When the world has been dragged through us like a rake, like a plough, like a thorny thicket, ripping, tearing, redeeming…

When cherished self-image is finally dissolved…

When the needy activist…the stingy victim…the lazy-eyed depressive…the manipulative helper…the emotionally-stunted purveyor of wisdom…the anxious saint…the
distracted seeker…the controlling carer…

When these un-brilliant selves have left, kindly eased from our psyche, we find clear windows of perception on life.

We stumble on more accurate assessment, like colourful fish seen in clear water.

Less cramped and edited lives, less fear.

Instead, transparency of motive…

Transparency towards ourselves and the world…

Transparency of love…

‘There’s no side to them,’ someone will say when we arrive, ploughed and free, at transparency.

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