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Traveller's Notes

Posted by Simon Parke, 17 September 2014, 4.39am

I must get on a plane today for a couple of days work in Amsterdam.

So with journeys in mind, here are some traveller’s notes for life’s journey…which may, or may not, involve planes:

Enjoy your work and the changing seasons.

Avoid grand plans; just respond to things as they arise.

Nothing is assured, but in some sense, everything is promised.

Do not seek fulfilment; seek instead to be empty; this will create space for more original things.

Do not value power, but do value space.

It’s OK to swing between joy and sadness, glory and failure; there’s no great difference between them.

Never more than half-knowing, we can still be whole-hearted.

And remember the path is kind; always kind.

Time to get to the airport…

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