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What makes anxiety scarper?

Posted by Simon Parke, 02 March 2017, 4.22pm

Anxiety, it cannot be banished from our home.

It has access through various windows.

But that doesn’t mean we have to offer it a comfy chair and cakes when it arrives.

It’s an intruder, uninvited, it doesn’t live here…and keep it to yourself, but there’s a guest who will always send it running.


Anxiety cannot abide gratitude.

And I don’t refer here to North Korean positivity, something forced, terrified and contrived.

This isn’t work, no striving here.

It’s really nothing more complicated than unblocking a bubbling wellspring.

About noticing good moments, however brief…about being open to the light touch of the life-enhancing, like, well - whatever does it for you…

...the crocus… hot tea… the roof top sky line at dusk… the feel of the pillow… the song on the radio… your latest achievement… the conversation with a friend… sun spilling across the carpet…the seat on the train…the thanks…the whisky…the surprise card…the opening and closing of your hand…existence…

(You may need to make your own list.)

But when gratitude rises, anxiety leaves, out through the window…gone.

It cannot breathe the same air.

We will not banish anxiety, it won’t happen, but we can cultivate other friendships, like gratitude…

...turning life, for a moment, from problem into delight.

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