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When the clowning stops

Posted by Simon Parke, 15 March 2017, 4.45am

Further dispatches from Day 3 of our Enneagram.

All going well, much work being done, good food, good walks, a lot of strong feelings arising…and much laughter.

We’ll listen to this story later today.

It’s called ‘When the clowning stops’.

As the crowd filtered out of the Big Top, and the big band played, the clown was asked a question.

He was asked: ‘What was the most frightening part of the evening performance?’

He thought for a moment.

‘Well, the stunt when I am repeatedly knocked over by the swinging plank can have its moments.’

‘I can imagine!’

‘It’s well-rehearsed but can still go wrong.’

‘So that’s when you’re most afraid?’

‘Oh no, not at all. No, it’s when I get back to my dressing room and take of my colourful coat and big clown’s shoes.’

‘Why should that be frightening? I’d imagine it’d be a relief.’

‘Because then I must remove my make-up, and as I look in the mirror, ask myself the same old question: ‘Who on earth are you?’



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