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Where shall I find my identity?

Posted by Simon Parke, 16 June 2017, 5.59am

Some people look for their true identity.

They talk as if there is something be found, just round the next corner, with a little more striving.

‘One more push!’

But better than such searching in this instant is the letting go.

Do not seek your true identity.

Rather, let go of all that makes you un-free – resistance, rage, anxieties, aggrandisement, fear, image.

This is the better way.

While they pose and strut as our identity, we struggle, for they are imposters, false claimants to our throne.

But when these dull remnants of terror past are gone, kindly released, there you are, as one appearing through a dissolving mist or retreating smoke.

Rather than seek our true selves like some exhausting archaeological dig, daily, we simply note and release all that makes us un-free.

And daily, if only for a moment, as the smoke clears, there you are.

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