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Where's the truth in all this?

Posted by Simon Parke, 26 June 2017, 6.01am

What is God’s will? Or to say the same thing differently, where is the truth in all this?

Elijah asks this question and gets taken to the top of the mountain where he is told to stand.

As he waits, he experiences some striking natural phenomena: a furious wind, an earthquake…and then fire.

All very startling, and quite a show!

But strangely, Elijah does not feel the truth is in any of these wonders.

Then comes the sound of sheer silence.

And famously, Elijah finds God here.


Although silence is God’s first language, this is not a piece primarily about silence… but about discernment.

It’s about discerning the truth of the moment; or to put it another way, where God is.

Why did Elijah feel the truth wasn’t in the wind, earthquake or fire - yet decide that it was in the silence?

The beginning of discernment is the awareness that our thoughts are just thoughts and our feelings are just feelings.

They are not qualified guides for our lives, though they can be as noisy, rumbustious and pressing as a hurricane, earth tremor or a blaze.

In the space behind them, however; in the still lagoon behind our thoughts and our feelings…there we might hear something authentically divine, something true…

...rather than the noisy echo of our unresolved selves.

Beyond stilled mind and calmed feeling, this still small voice.

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